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Human life is fragile. Trauma or illness may strike at a moment's notice, and such events can seemingly turn our lives upside down. Suffering is universal-it cares not whether we are rich or poor, nor whether we live in a bustling metropolis or a remote village.

Medical services, however, are not universally available. Mumbai is the growing financial, film, and technology capital of India. The city's population is nearing 20 million, and, like India itself, it is a place of contrasts. Among its institutions are some of the world's finest hospitals, providing state-of-the-art care to the few who can afford it. However, even basic health care is out of the reach of the majority of the city's inhabitants.

Lok Hospital was born out of a vision to provide quality health care to all, regardless of wealth, race, or religion. At the heart of Lok Hospital is the belief that Jesus Christ is the ultimate healer. Lok Hospital's mission is to show Christ's love through its provision of state-of-the-art health care, and to minister to the needs, both medical and spiritual, of every patient.

Lok Hospital intends to meet the needs not just of urban Mumbai, but also the needs of the surrounding rural villages. Thane, a suburb of Mumbai located 45 kilometers from downtown and the nearest city to many rural villages, has provided the perfect setting for the hospital. The city has seen its population grow by over 50 percent in the past decade, due in part to the migration of those living in rural poverty to this urban center. This has created a dramatic rise in slums and all the associated health problems, yet these are the people with the least access to health care. Furthermore, due to the proximity of Thane to many rural villages, a village health care project was able to be started in conjunction with the hospital. This rural health project meets the basic needs of many people in the villages, with others being referred to Lok Hospital.

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