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   Inpatient Units
 General Wards
The wards are comprised of 56 beds in both private rooms and general wards, and are located on the second, third & fourth floors. Medical care is provided by 45 consulting doctors, several Resident Medical Officers (RMOs), and 110 staff nurses. Each consulting doctor admits and oversees the care of his/her own patients.


   Inpatient Units
Intensive Care Unit
The six-bed intensive care unit, which opened in January 1999, provides care to those with critical medical illnesses and those who have recently undergone major surgery. Problems seen here include acute coronary syndromes, respiratory failure, cerebrovascular accidents, life-threatening infections, trauma, and a vast array of less commonly seen serious medical conditions. The unit is staffed by an RMO twenty-four hours a day with a consulting physician available on-call. Given the multi-system nature of the illnesses seen in the ICU, numerous specialists perform daily rounds here. The unit is equipped with patient monitors, ventilators, a portable X-ray unit, portable echocardiography, 12-lead ECG machine, Bi-Pap and a dialysis machine.


   Inpatient Units
Neonate Intensive Care Unit

The neonatal intensive care unit opened in August 2001 is equipped to handle a wide assortment of neonatal conditions. These include common problems such as hyperbilirubinemia, shortness of breath, fever, and poor feeding. In addition, more severe cases such as major cardiac anomalies and post-surgical care are seen in the neonate intensive care unit.


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